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We use customised training programs, immersive banking simulations, and real-life case studies to teach banking business acumen. This training is critical for better quality decision-making and effective strategy execution in your organisation.

We help your team understand the “why” behind your organisation’s strategic priorities. This will become the catalyst needed for large cultural shifts in mindset and behaviour. Our programs are fun, engaging, and most importantly, effective. 

We offer tailored training programs for:

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Training for Banks

Excelerate Consulting develop fun, educational, and engaging training sessions for banks.

How do we do this? Through customised banking simulations.

What is a simulation?

  1. A model of real activity, created for training purposes or to solve a problem.
  2. A situation or event that seems real but is not real, used especially in order to help people deal with such situations or events.
    – Cambridge English Dictionary

Using innovative technology to deliver simulation-based training, we enable bank employees to:

  • Improve their business and financial acumen
  • Practice delivering your organisational priorities
  • Understand the wide range of functions in banking

The experiential learning experience allows participants to run a bank in a virtual and competitive market whilst being coached by experienced bankers. Our programs change employee behaviours and improves mindsets; refocusing to achieve company goals. Participants will get a refreshed sense of the “why” behind their role.

Our customised bank training programs build the consistent decision-making skills that top performing banks require. Programs are tailored to your team; no matter the level of banking experience, everyone will learn something new.

Simulation Training Program Information for Banks

  1. Physical Workshop or Online Environment
    The optimum program size is 20-42 people, split into teams for each bank of 4-7 people. We can cater to events of 100+ people. Training can be:
    • Delivered in person or online
    • A standalone full day event
    • Part of your conference as a short energiser segment
    • Built into an offsite day
  2. Customised Program
    During our discovery process, we listen and understand your business priorities and knowledge gaps. We then customise a program for your organisation based on your objectives.

  3. Rounds Based
    A typical simulation usually includes 4-6 rounds, each covering a virtual year. Rounds take between 30-60 minutes. After each “year”, our experienced coaches facilitate debrief discussions.

  4. Amazing Technological Experience
    Game play occurs on provided tablets during physical workshops or personal computers in our online environment. In-game analytics provide real-time feedback on the impact of decisions by your teams.

  5. Industry Expert Facilitators
    Excelerate’s facilitators have over two decades of banking experience across multiple disciplines. Their coaching style is fun and engaging, and they have the credibility to engage with senior stakeholders.

  6. Real World Case Studies
    We use video-based case studies to delve into real world events, embedding the program learning through current industry dynamics. Case studies make the simulation relatable; exploring how the simulation experience translates to the real world.

They had a problem – we had a solution!

A support function within a major Australian bank was looking to improve their team’s effectiveness when engaging with their business partners.

Excelerate Consulting designed an immersive and fun program to significantly uplift their understanding of banking fundamentals and core banking issues. The program was created for ~400 people of varying banking experience levels.

We received exceptional feedback from the participants. Many participants contacted us weeks after the event to say they were approaching conversations and decisions with their business partners differently. They now better understood which decision outcomes would deliver better results for the entire bank, rather than just their department.

Training for Banking Service Providers
Ladies discuss tablet activity

Banks are complex; their business landscape is constantly changing. It is important to understand banking business priorities and market challenges when working with banks. We offer training for banking services providers to strengthen this knowledge.

Using state of the art technology, we deliver simulation-based banking training, enabling your team to develop a deeper understanding of banking fundamentals. Your team will be engaged and better informed than your competitors.

In a high-energy and collaborative environment, your colleagues will strengthen their banking acumen through dealing with scenarios designed in collaboration with you.

Our program is customised to meet your organisation’s objectives and to ensure employees get the most out of their day. Choose between:

  • Full day sessions (online and in person)
  • Sessions woven into your conference
  • Activities built into your away day
  • A long-term training partnership

Simulation Training Program Information for Banking Service Providers

  1. Session Format
    The program can be run in person or online. We offer full day programs or shorter, energiser modules within your existing offsite, awayday, or training program. Typically, events are for 20-42 people divided into groups of 4-7 people who run a bank within a virtual market.

  2. Session Length
    A full day event covers:
    • 4-6 rounds (or virtual years), of 30-60-minute simulation sessions
    • Case studies presented by coaches
    • Briefing on real-world applications of learnings

  3. Advanced Technology
    During physical workshops, each participant uses a tablet we provide to receive information and input decisions for their virtual. In online sessions, participants use their personal computers.

  4. Expert Coaches
    Excelerate’s fun and engaging facilitators have over two decade’s worth of banking experience across multiple disciplines. They can answer all levels of questions and have the credibility to engage with senior level stakeholders.

  5. Video-Based Case Studies
    Video case studies are used in between each round, reinforcing learning outcomes and reflecting on real world activity within the banking sector.
Training day participants chat during banking simulation session
Training for Education Providers

Students welcome new ways of learning. They constantly seek out skills and experiences to help them enter the workforce. As learners, they want practical skills and knowledge.

To meet these demands, educators need tools and resources which are:

  • Effective at delivering outcomes
  • Engaging in their methods
  • Easy to implement
  • Simple to seamlessly integrate into the curriculum

Our programs satisfy these needs.

Using our immersive simulation technology, we simultaneously promote learning through ‘doing’ whilst providing students with exposure to executive level banking experiences. 

Our hands-on training platform allows them to run a virtual bank in a risk-free, simulated market. They will take on board practical skills needed for real-world situations and improve their commercial understanding of complex banking concepts.

Throughout the program, students take on the role of bank executives. They will be tasked with:

  • Dealing with real challenges faced by banks
  • Making decisions that have consequences
  • Understanding current trends
  • Predicting market and customer behaviour

Students will bring together all of the elements of your course curriculum and begin to understand the real-world picture.

Students sit around table with laptops playing banking simulation as part of their course

Simulation Training Program Information for Education Providers

Man play banking simulator game on laptop
  1. Discovery Session
    Excelerate’s experts explore your course curriculum, assessment requisites, and simulation design requirements. A customised program is then created for your students to ensure seamless integration with your current curriculum and marking needs.

  2. Seamless Technology Experience
    • Students access our secure platform via their personal computer.
    • Each student receives a unique login to access simulation information, make bank decisions, view results, and case studies.
    • The platform allows students to complete weekly assessments.
    • Program coordinators can review performance and complete marking.
  3. Online Simulation Environment
    Within each virtual market, students are organised into 10 teams of up to 10 students. Multiple markets can be organised for each course, contact us to discuss your requirements.

  4. Program Format
    Simulations are based on rounds, offering one week to complete each round over a 6-week term. Within bank groups, students use the week to:
    • Analyse market conditions
    • Discuss and adjust strategy
    • Assess competitors
    • Make decisions
  5. Experienced Facilitators
    Our team have extensive banking backgrounds; more than 20 years across multiple disciplines. Excelerate’s facilitators can be made available for students during agreed consultation hours for discussion and question sessions.

  6. Real World Case Studies (Optional)
    We can provide video-based case studies during the program. These help learners to connect game learnings to real-world events. Case-studies make the simulation ‘real’ by exploring how their simulation experiences actually occur outside the simulation game. 

They had a problem – we had a solution!

The University of New South Wales required a banking simulation solution. The solution needed to increase student engagement with course content and give students the opportunity to practice making real-world banking decisions.

Through a discovery process with the University, Excelerate Consulting was able to customise an immersive banking simulation experience that was in line with their specific curriculum requirements. ~160 students participated in the program, allowing them to practise the theory they were taught in their banking course.

The series of events delivered for the University received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students. Excellent connections were made between course content and real-world banking scenarios; assisting students with their course requirements and real-world preparation.

Why Excelerate Consulting?

Positive Business Outcomes

Your team will improve their banking business acumen and learn practical skills to make more informed decisions across your business. The simulations encourage collaboration and teamwork while teams practice delivering your organisational priorities together.

Experienced Coaches

Our facilitators have amassed an impressive 20-plus years in banking and harness that experience to run their sessions based on actual knowledge, not scripted run sheets. They will answer complex banking questions and ensure participants understand the session’s learning objectives.

Organisation Outcomes and Course Alignment

Excelerate customises the simulation learning to align with your desired behavioural and knowledge outcomes. Each session is tailored to embed your organisation’s objectives or curriculum requirements.

Experiential Learning

We leverage proven experiential learning methodologies. “Learning by doing”, or experiential learning, has been shown to have far higher content retention rates than traditional learning methods.

Technology Capabilities

Our simulation technology runs in real-time, using advanced modelling techniques. In-game analytics provide real-time feedback, enhanced by our coaches to spot immediate learning opportunities. Our platform allows for in-person or online delivery.

Amazing Feedback

Excelerate Consulting’s training has been described as “a must-do education program for all involved in the banking sector”. Our team are very proud of our fantastic testimonials.

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