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How many people can attend the banking simulation program?

We can accommodate up to 100 people for both our online and in person sessions. The optimum number of participants for in person sessions is 20-42. These participant numbers have shown to have the best levels of participant engagement.

Is program participation in groups or alone?

The simulation experience is completed in groups of 4-7 people. Each group runs a virtual bank together and competes against other groups in the session.

What is the typical in-person session structure?

A typical in-person session will include:

  1. Tablet distribution (one per person)
  2. Program introduction run by facilitators
  3. 4-6 cycles of:
    – Banking simulation activity completed in groups
    – Real world case study review run by facilitators
    – Debrief of activity and case study learnings with facilitators
  4. Breaks are interwoven with cycles
  5. Overall program debrief and announcement of winner

What is the online session structure for businesses?

A typical online session will include:

  1. Login to the platform on personal computer (participants must have latest Chrome or Edge browser)
  2. Program introduction run by facilitators
  3. 4-6 cycles (across your specified timeline) consisting of:
    – Banking simulation activity completed in online breakout groups
    – Real world case study review with entire cohort
    – Debrief of activity and case study learnings with facilitators
  4. Breaks interwoven with rounds
  5. Overall debrief and announcement of winner

The below additions are available at an extra cost for your customised program (please get in touch for pricing):

  • Access to a library of additional online resources and case studies.
  • Weekly consultation time with our coaches, via video conference.
  • Weekly videos containing market wide debriefs based on the student decisions, articulating the cause and effects.
  • Customised assignment (including assignment marking) connecting the simulation and the course learning outcomes.

How much do your training programs cost?

The cost of the program depends on the customisation level and delivery method required by your organisation. Some customers require large amounts of bespoke customisation. The program is highly customisable and we can work with you to design a cost-effective simulation aligned with your objectives.

Experiential Learning

How do you ensure high levels of engagement amongst participants?

The gamification of training content to learn typically dry content enhances the learning experience and drives engagement amongst participants. Participants actually have fun participating in the sessions and competing against their peers.

Our facilitators support individuals where needed but also allow them to be independent in their game decision-making. Allowing participants to be autonomous in their learning and be held accountable to their decision-making increases engagement.

Our programs foster autonomous-supportive learning environments to improve engagement, motivation and overall performance.

Why are your simulation programs an effective way of learning banking concepts?

Experiential Learning (learning through doing) has been shown to have far higher content retention rates than traditional learning methods. This type of learning is exceptional for complex industries such as banking and finance.

When learning skills through traditional Powerpoint presentations; it is difficult to retain large amounts of information. Throughout our banking simulation programs, participants experience 5 years of making bank decisions. Participants practice their skills in the simulation and understand the consequences of their decisions through real-time feedback. Merging the theory and practice results in an effective learning experience.

Pilots wouldn’t be allowed to fly planes without practicing their skills in a simulator. Should you allow your team to make real world banking decisions without practicing first?

What are the benefits of experiential learning (learning through doing)?

  • Increased content retention
  • Connects theory to practice
  • Accelerated learning
  • High engagement levels as the participant is directly involved in the learning activity
  • Learners perform the activities in a risk-free environment, allowing them to fail and improve
  • Develops participant’s ability to adapt to new situations
  • Real-time coaching and feedback
  • Opportunity for continuous practice of vital real-world skills


Does each participant get a tablet?

Yes, in our in-person sessions all participants will be provided with their own tablet to use. This creates a personalised learning experience for participants. We are aware of various other training providers who ask participants to share devices; this can hinder the individual’s learning experience.

What technology requirements do you have?

For in person events, the only technology we require is a projector. We provide participants with tablets and we also bring our own server and networking system. For online events, participants will need a computer with the latest Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser downloaded.

For both in-person and online programs, we require participant’s first name and email address for the simulation setup.

Program Facilitators

How many facilitators do you have?

Our programs typically include 2 experienced coaches for 20 – 42 participants. We have a team of additional facilitators for larger events.

What experience do your facilitators have?

All of our facilitators have extensive banking and leadership backgrounds. Each facilitator has over 15 years’ experience; providing participants with quality educators who can answer banking questions and facilitate discussions on the spot.

Program Topics

What topics do you cover in the program?

Our topics can be customised. We work with you to create a program that suits your organisational objectives and requirements.

Selection of available topics:

  • Managing wholesale funding
  • Managing regulatory capital
  • Pricing decisions
  • Investment decisions
  • Navigating leadership team scenarios
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Set lending criteria
  • Open and close branches
  • Set broker commissions

What banking products do you cover in the program?

Participants run 4 business products during the program. Home Loans, Business Loans and Deposits are included in all programs.
Based on your objectives, a fourth product is chosen from Credit Cards, Wealth Management, Institutional Banking, and Offshore Banking.

Assessment and Metric Options

How do teams win the simulation game and what metrics can be assessed for organisations:

A balance scorecard consisting of 6 metrics will be codesigned with your team. Metrics are chosen based on the decision-making skills you would like your participants to improve on. The best performer based on these 6 metrics will win or lose each simulation round.

There are multiple assessment metrics to choose from:

  • Shareholder Returns
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Credit Rating
  • Lending Losses
  • Capital Ratios
  • Risk Incidents
  • Customer Complaints
  • Community Trust
  • Community Reputation

Can you include assessment questions with the simulation?

Yes, we can. Some assessment options may incur additional costs, please get in touch for further information.

A popular assessment option for education providers is the use of multiple-choice questions throughout the simulation. Participants are asked questions upon completion of specific simulation tasks to assess their understanding.

We can also provide assignment-based tasks for after the program, based on their decision-making within the simulation activity. Both of these options can be marked by our team, saving you time.

Can participants see how they’re performing against other teams?

Yes, participants can analyse their performance and game position relative to other participants throughout the program. They can use this information to improve their game strategies and decisions. Participants can also view their ranking movement from the previous round to see if they’ve improved.


What details do you need to enable participant setup?

For our online simulation program, we require participant’s email address and first name to setup unique login details. For in person events, we only require participant first names for the attendance list.

Is there pre and post work for participants to complete?

Yes, a complimentary player guide will go out to all participants before the program start date. This allows participants to prep and gain an understanding of the program expectations before it commences.

We also have post program options that assist participants embed their learnings further after the course. Although the program will hugely uplift participant knowledge and understanding, learning reinforcement is important post program. Our recommended post simulation activity is an AI learning platform that helps reinforce the top behaviours and skills you need your employees to retain. Contact us to discuss the costs of these post program options.

Can I customise the program with my company branding?

Yes, we can add your company, university or program branding to the platform to enhance the user experience.

Who are your sessions targeted to? What knowledge levels can participant?

Anyone who is currently working or considering working in the banking industry. We tailor our programs for all knowledge levels. We have programs for students and grad-level employees who have low levels of banking experience. We also have fantastic programs designed for c-suite and board level participants who want to test leadership capabilities across different scenarios.

Where does the training program take place?

We run simulation training events across the world with majority of the sessions being held in Australia. We collaborate with you to find the perfect venue for your team. We can run training programs in your company space or at an external venue depending on your size requirements.

COVID-19 Safety

What COVID-19 safety precautions do you have in place?

All of our session planning has COVID-19 precautions in mind, we will ensure participants have enough space for safe social distancing.

For in-person sessions, participants will have access to masks and hand sanitiser throughout the day. Frequent cleaning of technology and tables will take place. Participant details will be noted for future contact tracing.

Our full COVID-19 safety plan is available upon request.

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