What are the benefits of experiential learning (learning through doing)?

Increased content retention Connects theory to practice Accelerated learning High engagement levels as the participant is directly involved in the learning activity Learners perform the activities in a risk-free environment, allowing them to fail and improve Develops participant’s ability to adapt to new situations Real-time coaching and feedback Opportunity for continuous practice of vital real-world […]

Why are your simulation programs an effective way of learning banking concepts?

Experiential Learning (learning through doing) has been shown to have far higher content retention rates than traditional learning methods. This type of learning is exceptional for complex industries such as banking and finance. When learning skills through traditional Powerpoint presentations; it is difficult to retain large amounts of information. Throughout our banking simulation programs, participants […]

How do you ensure high levels of engagement amongst participants?

The gamification of training content to learn typically dry content enhances the learning experience and drives engagement amongst participants. Participants actually have fun participating in the sessions and competing against their peers. Our facilitators support individuals where needed but also allow them to be independent in their game decision-making. Allowing participants to be autonomous in […]

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