Banking After the Pandemic – Change and Continuity

Nearly eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic now is a good time to look at the prospects for the future of banking. With a little bit of hindsight, we can see how the industry has had its hand forced on some issues and predict what changes might be permanent. The global shock of the pandemic, […]

The benefits of business simulation training


It’s taken as given that you need to be regularly training your leadership team. The challenge is finding the right type of training that is educational, engaging, and directly applicable to their role. When done right, the benefits of business simulation training will encompass all of these elements. Business simulation training – assigning teams a […]

How do you run a virtual offsite training day?


The benefits of offsite training are well understood. Training your team is equally important whether they are office based or working remotely, but delivering across the two different methods can be significantly different. So how can offsite training translate to a virtual setting? Everyone in the corporate world will know what to expect from an […]

Using commercial acumen – opportunities and COVID

Using commercial acumen opportunities and COVID

No one is in any doubt about the large scale and wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy. The business adage of “volatility breeds opportunity” is more relevant today than any other time in this century. You can expect leaders who have business acumen to find opportunities to take advantage of the shock to […]

Leadership training programs – choosing the right one

Leader talking to team

Your leaders are the very core of your business. They drive success through motivating their teams, making effective decisions, and understanding your business. Leadership training programs will embed the right skills into the people who need them. Leadership isn’t static and your business needs to constantly focus on leadership development to stay ahead. There are […]

How simulation training embeds business acumen

Man writes in notebook with laptop beside him

Every business needs skilled leaders who can make effective decisions. By upskilling your leadership team through simulation training, you can bring in ideas and challenges in a safe, risk-free environment. By working in teams in a competitive but risk-free environment, your team can start to understand how business decisions have repercussions in the real world. […]

Embedding effective decision making in your leadership team

Colleagues having a meeting

Having effective decision making embedded in your business will give you a competitive advantage. In markets with lots of competition and mature products, having strong and effective decisions in your organisation are one of the areas you can really set your business apart from others. Decisions come down to one of two ideas – pragmatism […]

Business Acumen – 5 Signs to Look For in Your Leaders

Business acumen is the capability leaders use to make successful decisions. A key skill in a good leader is business acumen – to be able to make informed and balanced decisions with confidence. Acquiring acumen takes time, experience and training. Lots of skills go into having good business acumen, often called, financial or commercial acumen. […]

Client Testimonials – Video

Woman discussing her company feedback

“We would absolutely recommend Excelerate Consulting for a training day. Not only for their specialised knowledge, but also the simulation app which was bang on tailored for our business and our needs. Simulation training is a fantastic approach to training, and the reason is it puts you in the hot seat, it enables you to be in a position where […]

Company Overview – Video

Person using tablet in simulation game

“When bankers get decisions wrong, it has a huge impact. If you look at the 2008 financial crisis, that impact is still being felt today. So our programs help connect the dots. We help people understand banking fundamentals, but also more advanced topics like how reputation can improve a bank’s margin during a downturn. So in essence, our programs help […]

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