Leadership training programs – choosing the right one

Leader talking to team

Your leaders are the very core of your business. They drive success through motivating their teams, making effective decisions, and understanding your business. Leadership training programs will embed the right skills into the people who need them. Leadership isn’t static and your business needs to constantly focus on leadership development to stay ahead. There are […]

How simulation training embeds business acumen

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Every business needs skilled leaders who can make effective decisions. By upskilling your leadership team through simulation training, you can bring in ideas and challenges in a safe, risk-free environment. By working in teams in a competitive but risk-free environment, your team can start to understand how business decisions have repercussions in the real world. […]

Embedding effective decision making in your leadership team

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Having effective decision making embedded in your business will give you a competitive advantage. In markets with lots of competition and mature products, having strong and effective decisions in your organisation are one of the areas you can really set your business apart from others. Decisions come down to one of two ideas – pragmatism […]

Business Acumen – 5 Signs to Look For in Your Leaders

Business acumen is the capability leaders use to make successful decisions. A key skill in a good leader is business acumen – to be able to make informed and balanced decisions with confidence. Acquiring acumen takes time, experience and training. Lots of skills go into having good business acumen, often called, financial or commercial acumen. […]

Client Testimonials – Video

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“We would absolutely recommend Excelerate Consulting for a training day. Not only for their specialised knowledge, but also the simulation app which was bang on tailored for our business and our needs. Simulation training is a fantastic approach to training, and the reason is it puts you in the hot seat, it enables you to be in a position where […]

Company Overview – Video

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“When bankers get decisions wrong, it has a huge impact. If you look at the 2008 financial crisis, that impact is still being felt today. So our programs help connect the dots. We help people understand banking fundamentals, but also more advanced topics like how reputation can improve a bank’s margin during a downturn. So in essence, our programs help […]

Leadership Training – Coaching Teams with Simulation Games

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Using simulation games in leadership training is a sure way to coach your team to success. The skills needed for leadership don’t come naturally to everyone, but developing leadership capabilities in your team is possible with the right training. Leadership training comes in many guises, each with their own unique positives and drawbacks. Simulation games […]

Coaching Business Acumen – Developing Acumen in Your Team

Business acumen is often talked about as an essential attribute, but what is it? The concept of business and financial acumen is tied up with a range of soft skills that are all trainable. Working in the financial sector, it’s important that your team has business acumen skills. Trained right, they will be able to […]

Big Four Banks – Rescue Packages

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The RBA announced last Thursday that it would cut the official cash rate for the second time this month, down to just 0.25%. This is the lowest it has ever been in Australia. CBA was first to respond and the other majors have also followed closely with similar offers of support for customers. Below is […]

Explaining COVID-19 Impact on Australian Banks

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What an amazing month we’ve had! So much has happened in the last week and a lot of people are confused by what it all means for banks. In this post we try to explain a few of the recent events in plain English without getting lost in technical jargon or detail. Why Are Banks […]