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“When bankers get decisions wrong, it has a huge impact. If you look at the 2008 financial crisis, that impact is still being felt today.

So our programs help connect the dots.

We help people understand banking fundamentals, but also more advanced topics like how reputation can improve a bank’s margin during a downturn.

So in essence, our programs help bankers understand how to navigate the driving forces in banking and make considered, sustainable decisions.

We started Excelerate Consulting because as ex bankers ourselves, we came across some very smart senior leaders who were making sub-optimal decisions, and so we thought, there needs to be a better understanding around banking fundamentals, and the end to end.

We wanted to make sure that when we’re teaching this, it was done in a really engaging and immersive manner. So we developed tailored tech based programs to help our clients make better quality decisions in banking.

When you engage Excelerate Consulting, you’re getting a team that focuses on banking & banking alone.

You’re getting a highly customisable tech platform which means our programs are tailored to your learning objectives. And our facilitators they’re banking experts, they’re leaders, they’ve been there, 
and they’ve done that.

The biggest differences between Excelerate Consulting and other training providers, it has to be the credibility of the people that are teaching you, the subject matter expertise.

‘Learning through doing’ is a really effective way of learning. Let me give an example, let’s say I wanted to learn karate..

It’s probably not that effective if I go down to the local library and read a book on all the kicks and punches that I need.

The way I’m gonna get good at karate is by going down to the local dojo and actually practising and practising.

And so when you use one of Excelerate Consulting’s simulations, you’re basically entering a banking dojo.

Excelerate Consulting has a number of training programs, both virtual and physical. Some of our most popular programs include focusing on basic banking and business acumen.

We also have leadership programs where we’re helping people develop deeper commercial and banking acumen.

And we’ve got risk programs to help develop a better understanding of both financial and non-financial risk and all of our training programs can embed your organisation’s values and your language.”

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