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“We would absolutely recommend Excelerate Consulting for a training day.

Not only for their specialised knowledge, but also the simulation app which was bang on tailored for our business and our needs.

Simulation training is a fantastic approach to training, and the reason is it puts you in the hot seat, it enables you to be in a position where you’re understanding the different role types that were part of the simulation.

You’re getting the information that they’re faced with, you’re needing to make the decisions that they need to make and that just gives you a real clear appreciation in a practical way of the impact of your decisions, and that’s just immediately applicable to the day to day work that occurs in my role.

The biggest differences between Excelerate Consulting and other training providers, firstly, it has to be the credibility of the people that are teaching you, the subject matter expertise. 

Next, is the tablet experience they basically make this gamified experience really really engaging and then the last I think has to be the way the training is structured.

It just breaks it down so well, and it’s really easy to understand and then relay everything that you’ve learnt.

What makes Excelerate Consulting unique is that they create customised, immersive experiences.

It allows us to understand the flow on effects of the executive decisions onto stakeholders and customers.

Banking and finance can sometimes be like an orchestra.

If you want to make beautiful music you’ve got to understand all of the musicians before you bring them together and Excelerate really helps to understand each one of those pieces before you bring them all together so that you can make beautiful music.”

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