Can participants see how they’re performing against other teams?

Yes, participants can analyse their performance and game position relative to other participants throughout the program. They can use this information to improve their game strategies and decisions. Participants can also view their ranking movement from the previous round to see if they’ve improved.

Can you include assessment questions with the simulation?

Yes, we can. Some assessment options may incur additional costs, please get in touch for further information. A popular assessment option for education providers is the use of multiple-choice questions throughout the simulation. Participants are asked questions upon completion of specific simulation tasks to assess their understanding. We can also provide assignment-based tasks for after […]

How do teams win the simulation game and what metrics can be assessed for organisations:

A balance scorecard consisting of 6 metrics will be codesigned with your team. Metrics are chosen based on the decision-making skills you would like your participants to improve on. The best performer based on these 6 metrics will win or lose each simulation round. There are multiple assessment metrics to choose from: Shareholder Returns Customer […]

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